Participating artists:

Nathalia Favaro
Marte Kiessling
Milda Lembertaite
Amelia Prazak
Tina Ribarits
Luzia Simons
Stig Marlon Weston
Miki Yui

Forests all over the world are vanishing at an alarming rate, there is no doubt about it. Just a mere 20 years ago, more than one-third of our planet was covered by forests. Since then, the number has dropped to an alarming low: to only a quarter of the land. This loss of forests threatens the economic and ecological basis at local, regional, and global levels. How will all of this affect our lives, our future, our survival?

The exhibition Amada Verde is showing a selection of Artists who participated in different parts of the international residency program LABVERDE, which was created to strengthen the limits of art through a broad array of experiences, knowledge sets, and cultural perspectives involving art, science, and nature. By participating in an intensive program in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, the artists developed work about environmental issues and their experiences in the Amazon rainforest. 

All of the artists deal with similar ideas and views on nature, sustainability, and the future of our planet, but they all approach the subject from different angles, hence creating a dense and lush “jungle” of artworks altogether. From humorous approaches and performative works to poetic artistic depictions of decay and the ever-repeating cycle of life, the show will invite the visitors to emerge themselves into the Amazon, the forest, the sounds, the smells …

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung / With kind support